Guidelines for Office phone systems

by | Nov 3, 2011 | Phone Systems

Managing your own office can be quite a hectic task. Add to it the telecommunication needs and everything is messed up. Well to ease the problems, here is something you should know about office phone systems. Firstly they completely differ from conventional home phones as they consist of large multiple connections. The size and type of office phone system that you need solely depends on the call volume and the number of extensions that you utilize.

The size of your organisation also plays an important role in your purchase decision. If the strength of your organisation is about 20 employees, then a simple basic connection is what you would require. On the other hand, a larger organisation would require a more complex system. For such organisations handling multiple office locations, phones are put together under one common system. Here specialised circuits or T-1s are used that are very cost effective and are crafted to handle high call volumes.

Most companies have facilities such as sound played when the customer is on hold and even an auto attendant that routes calls to a particular employer who is free for that moment. This makes the call quality effective and fast. The tone played when the customer is on hold need not be a music, it can also be a message that is either of a promotional or advisory nature.

The office phone systems that are meant for big companies have additional features such as call monitoring, call tracing and even call forwarding. These functions are highly secured as it keeps the information on a classified basis.

office phone system

office phone system

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