VOIP phone systems, the new age technology

by | Nov 3, 2011 | Phone Systems

What is VOIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol service, better known as VOIP, is a phone system that has been high on the popularity front over the years. VOIP system enables you to make calls using a standard telephone system that is connected to a public land-line telephone system. Basically there are three types of VOIP phone systems. The most commonly used VOIP system for business is the Analog Telephone Adapter, also known as ATA. Technically speaking, the ATA system allows the user to access the VOIP system through a standard telephone instead of a specialised IP phone, which needs to be connected to the router.

A VOIP phone system consists of a microphone, a pair of speakers and a phone that is connected to the adapter instead of the wall jack. The ATA then converts the analog signal into successive digital packets, which are then sent over the Internet to be distributed to the correct telephone exchange. When the connection is established with the correct exchange, the call is completed.

Things to consider

Certain factors need to be considered before choosing the right VOIP phone system. Firstly, the sound quality factor should not be compromised when using VOIP along with a broadband connection. You should be well aware of the expiry date of your contract in order to avoid any penalties. As VOIP phone systems are becoming extremely popular, it is essential to check your network security to avoid hackers. VOIP is an excellent business solution for all companies, big and small, as they are user friendly and inexpensive to the wallet.

VOIP phone system

VOIP phone system


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