When Does my Small Business Need SIP Trunking?

by | May 7, 2019 | Telecommunications

SIP trunking allows an end point’s phone exchange system or PBX to send and receive calls via an IP connection. This allows technicians to connect a traditional business telephone system to the Internet. If you’re not familiar with this technology, then you might be scratching your head and asking why you’d ever need it.

There are two main situations where SIP business trunking services can help take your company to the next level. Many companies feel that their current traditional landline phone installation is just fine. They don’t realize that they’re paying too much for it. On top of that, companies that let their telecom provider handle everything can get stuck with taxes and fees that they wouldn’t have to pay if they switched over to an Internet-based system.

On the other hand, some businesses have totally gotten rid of telephones in the office since they assume that everyone has a cell phone. Should this sound familiar to you, take a few minutes to think about your workflow. Having a reliable connection at every desk can save time and greatly improve the way your staff interacts with customers.

In any case, international toll fraud is one of the biggest hazards facing smaller businesses today. SIP business trunking come with toll fraud protection. By using an automatic program to monitor tolls and detect fraud, we can keep you from ever having to pay a fee that you don’t owe.

Smaller companies that use automated dialing as part of a telemarketing operation might get the most out of custom-tailored SIP business trunking services. These services can connection an organization with upstream carriers that are capable of handling this type of traffic, which in turn can save even more money.

No matter what kind of company you run, you can save on tolls and work more efficiently by switching over to an SIP-powered VoIP network.

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