What To Expect During VOIP Business Phone System Installation In Plainfield, IN

by | Dec 28, 2017 | Telecommunications

One of the most significant, yet unavoidable, line items for companies large and small is the cost associated with maintaining a phone system. The introduction of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) allows businesses to substantially reduce the expense associated with a phone system by utilizing the power of the internet for any telephonic communication. Many companies are leery about making the switch, but a company that provides business phone system installation in Plainfield IN can make the transition seamless.

Phone Server Installation

One of the first steps to complete is the installation of the phone server, which will act as the hub for all ingoing and outgoing communication. The device is usually installed next to any other existing server equipment and is directly connected to a company’s cable or fiber internet connection. The technician will also program the device and make sure that any current phone numbers are correctly ported to the new service provider.

Device Setup

The next step is to program the individual extensions that will be used with the system. Programming the devices allows calls to be routed directly to the proper extensions and makes it easy for companies to trace any calls that take place on the system. Programming the devices can be time-consuming depending on the type of handset chosen and the number of devices a company requires for their employees.

System Deployment

The last step of Business Phone System Installation in Plainfield IN is to deploy the system. Once all of the devices are programmed, the technician will then place test calls via all of the extensions and make sure that any needed voicemail boxes are functioning. They will then install the extensions by connecting them to the existing ethernet connections that exist within a company’s IT infrastructure.

The process of switching from standard to VOIP phone services can be simple. The team at Innovative Communication Solutions offers a complete array of phone systems and can help any size business streamline their communication process and save money. Check out website domain to learn more and see how easy saving money on telephone expenses should be.

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