Setting Up a Virtual Office in Los Angeles is a Great Business Decision – If You Choose Wisely

by | Oct 19, 2012 | Calling Services

Are you an owner of a start-up enterprise looking for low-cost administrative support in Los Angeles? Or a seasoned professional who travels a lot and wants to reduce the costs of maintaining a traditional office space while preserving business professionalism? No matter what type of business you are in, big or small, a virtual office can take away the burden of office rent, payroll, insurance, and healthcare.

Live communication services

Technological innovations have made it possible to employ a virtual office seamlessly and cost effectively. Various virtual office companies in Los Angeles provide live communication services like remote receptionists, virtual assistants, answering services or call centers, voicemail, and virtual office space. Remote receptionists, for instance, use advanced computer and telephone software to answer and transfer calls. A virtual assistant, providing administrative, creative, or technical support, usually operates from their home office.

Space services

Moreover, most Los Angeles virtual office providers also offer space services such as a professional address, mailing and forwarding address, meeting space, and executive suites. A professional address service is ideal, especially for people running their businesses from home. You can have the privilege of using a professional address as a business addresses, enhancing your credibility and professionalism.

You can even opt for an executive suite, where you only pay a small fee to take advantage of the facilities. Business owners can also book meeting space with conference tables and a professional look. Conference rooms and offices can be booked on-demand for important meetings, and are available at reasonable hourly, daily, or weekly rates. Of course, most virtual office providers come equipped with various amenities such as broadband Internet, printers, fax machines, copiers, and advanced telephone and conference calling solutions.

Mail services

Most virtual office companies in Los Angeles also offer mailing and forwarding services where correspondence and packages can be received and can also serve as pick up and drop off points. They usually have their own receptionists who can sign deliveries and make sure the items are secure.

When choosing a virtual office provider, make sure to only work with reputable and established companies in Los Angeles. The sudden growth of the call center and virtual office industry caused a significant increase in the number of providers – a lot of whom lack quality control and well-trained staff. Dealing with reliable, skilled and well-equipped providers will not only increase business efficiency, it can also lead to better customer satisfaction rates.

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