Wireless security solutions for your business

by | Aug 26, 2015 | Phone Systems

There are many advantages to implementing wireless security solutions for your business including its ease of set up, convenience, and mobility. However it is important to ensure that the connections are completely secure. The majority of wireless LANs fail to have adequate security systems in place to protect themselves. This can create a significant set of problems in the future when secure data can be accessed by unauthorized parties. By considering wireless security solutions, you can have complete peace of mind knowing your data is safe.

How to secure your network

There are many different wireless security solutions available for your small business. Understanding what options are there for you and implementing the ones which work best allows you to keep your data fully safe and completely protected at all times. One of the ways to protect your wireless network is to control the local broadcast area. This can be done by placing APs far away from windows and doors. This cuts down on the chances of your signal being read and accessed against your wishes.

Locking your AP’s

When considering the wireless security solutions that can protect your business data, locking your APs is the first step to take. This is because many people wont consider this as an option but maintaining the administrator password for your modem can be an accident waiting to happen. Instead of leaving yourself vulnerable, change these passwords immediately to ensure the ultimate in security for your wireless network.

Limiting Access

Not every member of your business will need an access card. By limiting the amount of access cards provided by your business, you can have more confidence knowing that your network is much more secure. Once you have determined who exactly needs to have access cards, your AP can be set up to only provide access to authorized MAC addresses.

If you are unsure about how to enable these wireless security solutions on your own, you can always enlist the help of a professional data management and networking company. They will handle all of the details for you so that your wireless LAN network will be completely safe and protected. It can be challenging figuring out how to implement these safety protocols alone and working with a trusted company offers the best solutions.

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