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by | May 26, 2016 | Phone Systems

Little did the world know how much 40 years of cellular phone technology would transform the communications world as it has today. With phone technology comes the provisions of the internet, albeit more of an archaic, slower system instituted in the 70’s and 80’s. Communicating at home and in businesses was forever changed in April 1973, when Martin Cooper with Motorola made his first cellular phone call. We’ve all become accustomed to the conveniences of the cell phone, the internet, and telecommunications but probably know very little of the interesting trivia facts associated with it. Like any of the modern inventions out there, these tidbits of information nearly become obsolete with the latest and greatest gadget of the day.

It’s not well known that the mobile phone of today has more computing ability than that of the moon landing of Apollo 11. And if computing capacity is important to compare with, how about the price difference of 4 decades ago for cell phones? A new phone back then was a whopping $4000 dollars, as compared to the average cost of $400 dollars today. At that price, its no wonder the quantities purchased back then was minimal. It’s helpful to know that at a competitive price, Call Centers in Hawaii are available for your business.

Like the public restroom, cell phones also harbor bacteria, but up to 18 times the amount as the handle on a toilet. It is doubtful the ravages of bacteria will hinder their use despite this disgusting fact. How many people know that scientists have discovered a means of charging a cell phone with urine? It’s questionable as to whom will be the urine provider and where, however.

How about this piece of trivia, what is the fear of not having your mobile phone or internet connection called? It’s called Nomophobia. When your business is in need of Call Centers in Hawaii, Envision Networked Solutions will provide today’s cutting-edge technology including the products and services to accommodate your office needs.

Cellular phones, and telecommunications for business have evolved from the 70’s until now with improved pricing, data usage and service innovations for the home and business. It’s always good to know where it all began, and it will be interesting to see where the next innovations will evolve to from here. Perhaps charging your cell phone could be as easy as a quick trip to the restroom.

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